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Frequently asked Questions in Saint Lucia

These are some of the frequently asked questions about car hiring in Saint Lucia.

Driving in Saint Lucia

For clients who want to drive in Saint Lucia, driving is done on the left-hand size. And this means, most of the cars that are used in Saint Lucia are Right-handed.

Paid Parking

If you plan to travel to the capital city of Saint Lucia, there is usually paid parking however for those planning to travel to other areas of the island, it is absolutely free.

Can you rent a car in Saint Lucia during COVID?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions where Tourists ask if it is possible to rent a car during the COVID period. It is absolutely possible to hire a car during the COVID period. All our cars are well-maintained according to the Standard operating procedures by the ministry of education.  We spray our cars before and after use by our clients to make sure that the cars are safer for any adventure.

Is it safe to drive around St.Lucia?

Saint Lucia is one of the safest nations on earth. You can surely enjoy the best drive around the country. It is purely safe to drive around Saint Lucia during any time of the year. You will surely have the best trip.

Is it possible to hire a car for self drive in Saint Lucia?

It is possible to hire a car for self drive purposes as long as you have a valid driving permit. For residents, a local permit is required however for those visiting the islands; it is required to have a valid international driving permit. Saint Lucia is simply amazing, the island totally looks beautiful. You will enjoy your journey

Seatbelts wearing

It is important to wear a seatbelt during your tour in Saint Lucia. Like anywhere around the world, the seatbelts provide the necessary safety during any kind of accidents. It is a law for both the driver and passenger to wear a seat belt in Saint Lucia.

Can I Visit Saint Lucia throughout the year?

Saint Lucia can be visited during any time of the year.  Should you want to know more about anything related to car hiring in Saint Lucia, simply get in touch with us. We will provide you with the best answers to your questions.



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